After Deployment is a non-profit  Veteran and women operated company owned by Founder, Sgt Charles E Abrams, former 16 year  Army Medic and wife Co-Founder,  Dr. Sonya R. Maize-Abrams a 49 year military family member and military spouse. Together along with their children they have experience multiple deployments.

Preparing for deployment can be stressful, both for the service member who is being deployed as well as the family members who are left behind.

After Deployment was designed to assist military families in managing the changes in their lives through creative expression and dealing with emotions through visual and performing arts such as art, woodworking, journaling, photography, culinary , spoken word, literary etc. We also provide educational support classes, emergency services classes,and alternative holistic health classes such as, mental health awareness, stress management, self care, problem solving skills, and suicide prevention.

The courses are available to seniors and disabled Veterans and their family members.Our services are extended to all branches of the military and their families.


To donate, click the “Buy Now” PayPal link below.

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Address: 550 Hietts Lane Suite C , Clarksville TN 37043

phone: 901-562-6288

email: afterdeployment.us@gmail.com


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